Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update on My New Year's Resolutions -- or How I Took Procrastination to New Heights

I’ve been meaning to post this blog, but like everything else in my life, I keep putting it off. Probably because I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s. Or resolutions. Most years I resolve not to make any resolutions because it’s just one more thing to keep up with.

But this year I did.

Along with the usual lose ten pounds and go through the house room by room to de-clutter and organize, I made some writing resolutions. To write more. Blog more. Procrastinate less. The good news is that so far this year, on more days than not I have managed to write. The bad news is I haven’t accomplished much.

In my household, the only quiet time I’m guaranteed is early morning. Real early morning. Earlier even than the dog cares to get up, but he gives one last longing glance toward the warm bed where my husband still has an hour yet to sleep, and dutifully follows me down the stairs. He takes care of his business outside, while I put on the coffee. Minutes later he’s back, and obligingly warms my toes while the first few sips of Nirvana rouse my sleepy brain.

With luck, I have ninety minutes before I have to wake the kids for school and get us all dressed. On a productive morning I can get a good ten pages or more done. (On a non-productive morning I end up forwarding e-mail jokes to unsuspecting friends and co-workers).

But it never fails that just as I’m getting into this routine, someone gets sick. My kids are still in that age group where swapping germs at school is a requirement. At my oldest son’s age, sneezing on someone else’s bologna sandwich in the school lunchroom is cause for a fit of giggles (and, sadly, not cause for finding a new sandwich). The youngest is at the age where your fingers still taste good –the longer you’ve gone between washings, the better. Murphy’s law being what it is, right around the time the kids are rebounding from whatever bug bit them, mom gets it. (I was always one of those people who never got sick. Until I had kids. But when I’m worn out and weary from too many early mornings and too many lost nights of sleep with sick kids, apparently even I’m susceptible.)

It’s been more than two weeks now since the last germs followed us home and wreaked havoc with our immune systems. And next week is February break, so there’s hope that if we make it through til Friday with no drippy noses or low-grade fevers, we’ll stay healthy through next week. (Of course having the kids home from school an entire week in the dead of winter brings tortures of its own). I still haven’t been able to get back into the swing of early mornings after this last bug, and the mornings I have been up early I’ve needed to clean several inches of snow off the car and shovel out the driveway (don’t even get me started on the kind of winter Upstate New York has seen this year).

But one of the nice things about the kids being home is they tend to sleep in. And I tend to not sleep in. So I’ll check back after next week and let you know if I managed to get back on the writing wagon. Or not.


Susan Macatee said...

Boy, do I remember those days.

Makes me grateful that my youngest is now a high school senior. The house is much quieter and neater.

I always planned to write when my boys were small, but never got beyond a couple of pages.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you're up and writing that early! Even if you're not technically writing, being up that early with the intent to is cause for kudos.

Kristin-Marie said...

One of the Harlequin debut authors stated in an article that she did her writing before the rest of the household awoke. You, go!