Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Copyright Infringement

It's a problem writers have struggled with for eons. And I do mean that literally. It's probably just as well all those illuminated manuscripts were so hard to hand copy, but there were forgeries even then.

Patrick Ross' recent blog about eSnips brings attention to a problem all writers (or potential writers) face. What happens when you have no control over your work? Sure, you want people to read it, but you'd like them to pay for it - simple capitalism. My question is, should the government (since this is a clear violation of the law) be more involved than they seem to be? I think so, even though I think that book (and music) prices are too high for the content, that's not the point of the law.

The point is that you pay for a service, that's how the world works. What do you think?

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Susan Macatee said...

Writers have to make a living, too. If we can't sell our work, we'll most likey have to stop writing.

If readers want to keep those books coming, they have to fork up some money or say goodbye to new stories.

And this hurts everyone in the publishing industry, from editors, to secretaries, and even janitors.