Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas--A Basket for You

Merry Christmas from all of us Scandalous Victorians! This year to celebrate the season--and the winter doldrums--we're going to give away a basket of goodies. We'll be including many of the books we have on our site, a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobel, and (of course) chocolate.

To win, just log in and make a comment on one of our posts between now and Jan 6th (the 12 days of Christmas). On January 7th we'll pick the lucky winner out of a hat and post the name on our site. Good luck to all, and may your holidays be everything you hope for.


jenneB said...

Yes, Christmas during the Civil War was a desperate time. My rebel great-grandfather was allowed to visit his dying Union brother in the enemy camp on Christmas. He learned thirty years later that the brother had survived. They were reunited in their old age.

carole st-laurent said...

I'm taking note of that novel, Sex Wars. I will be in New-York next week for research; can't wait!!

Denise Eagan said...

Carole it looks like the best book--I can't wait to get the time to read it! I've gotten through a chapter, but you know how time gets away with you.

New York for research! Lucky you--wish I could go too!