Thursday, March 02, 2006

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Another of my favorite books is CRACKER CULTURE, Celtic Ways in the Old South. This was written by Grady McWhiney and published by the University of Alabama Press.
From the dustjacket: From their solid base in the southern back country, Celts and their "Cracker" descendents swept westward decade after decade throughout the Antebellum period until they established themselves and their culture across the Old South.
The Celts brought with them to the Old South leisurely ways that fostered idleness and gaity and a society in which people favored the spoken word over the written and enjoyed such sensual pleasures as drinking, smoking, fighting, gambling, fishing, hunting and loafing.
I couldn't help but think of all this as I watched Bucky Covington on American Idol last night. He's a real throwback to the Old South!
Somebody give that boy some sweet tea, please!
Mary Ann

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Kristin-Marie said...

Mary Ann, the Southerners were an interesting group pre-Civil War when they were maintaining warm ties with the European groups. I'm not surprised to find out that their affable natures derived from Celtic culture. I'll look into this aspect more for my writing.