Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 Things I wouldn't be able to live without in the Victorian Era

This is an almost continuation of Dee's 10 thing she loves/hates about the era. I shamelessly add to it because I have nothing else planned.

1. TV - I don't even watch a lot of it, but it's interesting and sometimes just plain frivolous. It's a good way to pass the time while cleaning, too...or procrastinate an afternoon away.

2. Computers - I can't even imagine not having them around now. I know the majority of people out there don't use them like I do (even read an article on how one executive went without for a whole week. Can't even imagine!) But there's no way I can do the research I want, or find the curious tidbits of information I'm interested in without it. The mere thought of sloughing through a gazillion books for 3 facts makes me want to whimper and hide. I email constantly, it’s so much better than writing letters to old friends.

3. Antibiotics - I have the worst immune system. I have a cold several times a season, sinus infections all the time, and need those antibiotics. Don't stand between me and the pharmacy. It's bad.

4. Allergy medicine - Granted, this goes with #3, but in a slightly different way. I have allergies and need both eye drops and prescription allergy medicine. I have nasal spray, and an unending supply of tissues. What did Victorians use? You know, I'm not even sure. But if it was just chicken soup, I'd need more. And I'd hope I was smart enough not to fall for the snake oil doctor's lines. But then desperate times and all...

5. Contacts - It's purely vain, true, but not the point. I wouldn't be able to live without my contacts 100+ years ago. I only wear glasses at night when I'm home, locked in tight, and ready for bed. I mentioned it was a vanity thing, right?

6. Planes, trains, and automobiles - Trains, well not so much. And they had rail then, and put it to better use than we do today. (Though I just heard a report this morning about Western Europe adding electric trains as competition to airlines.) But without a car I'd be lost. I'd probably hibernate away and never do much of anything, then die at a pathetically young age from boredom. I love to see new things, even if it's in my own state, let alone a quick trip across the country.

7. Telephones - today's use of them, not their original use. They're cheaper to use, more accessible, with less nosy people listening in on them and transferring you places. I can call New York AND Texas at the same time on 3-way, call the next town and the next state with a simple hit of the redial.

8. Microwave – I don’t cook. I reheat, I take out, I zap things. Without that handy little machine, I doubt I’d have moved out of my parents’ house.

9. Equal Rights – I’m way too outspoken not to have been a part of the Suffrage movement. Here’s hoping that I would’ve been then, too.

10. RWA – not the entity per se, but (you can tell I didn’t have 10 things, can’t you) by joining it, I met my fellow Victorians. And without them, I’m not certain I’d be as far with my writing as I am.

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Susan Macatee said...

Great blog, Christine!

It's funny to think of what we as modern people couldn't live without in Victorian times, but of course, the Victorians couldn't even imagine most of the things we take for granted. Just as when I was in college the idea of a PC or cell phone wouldn't have occurred to me.

But a modern day time traveler going back to Victorian times would be very much lost. That's why we reenactors cheat by bringing coolers, cell phones and other modern conveniences we can't live without for the weekend and hide them in our tents.