Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Victorian Interests

I'm interested in a lot of different historical periods, and several of my WIPs aren’t remotely connected to this timeperiod. My undergraduate degree is in American History and is about as generalized as you can get. Why did I choose to write in this era? A lot of reasons. Mostly, however, it’s because of the delineation within its own society - straight-laced and proper, and new and exciting. Societal rules were strict and strictly adhered to – in public. Behind closed doors was something no one ever talked of. New inventions popped up all the time and were the talk of both rich and poor alike. So much was going on during these 64 years that it's almost impossible to think of them all! Physics and combustion, governmental upheavals, great literary works, everything we base our society on now, began then.

It's fascinating, how can one not be intrigued? What interests you in this time? What made you decide to write – or read – about this era?


Susan Macatee said...

I got into it through an interest in the Civil War. So much happened in this country during those four years, as well as, the years preceding and following.

I'm just fascinated with the clothing, manners, slang, the way these people lived.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of reading about this era.

Jenn said...

My interest began with a story I found that happened to occur during this time. But as I got into it I realized what a fascinating period it would have been to live through. Everything seemed possible--new Queen, new transportation, new inventions--new worlds to explore. Nothing was beyond reach if you wanted it bad enough. At the same time, social strictures were at possibly their most strident. What a crazy contradiction through which to find one's way!

alternatefish said...

I can trace my love of the period directly back to one man: Oscar Wilde. I was hooked on all things Victorian the first time I watched the Anthony Asquith/Michael Redgrave version of _Importance of Being Earnest_. I think I was nine.

This led me to an obsession with Oscar (Oscar and I, we're on a first name basis), which led to an obsession with Victorian England and its literature, which is now leading to an obsession with the British Empire in general and particularly how the Victorian era is a culmination of that Empire.

Also, my mother watched a lot of Masterpiece Theater when I was growing up...yeah Trollope and Lady Glencora!