Sunday, December 17, 2006

What do you do...?

During the Holiday season, what do you do? Do you write? Do you even have time? Or do you take a 6 week break to get things ready? Does January 2 begin your writing year and November 20 end it?

I don't have to do much during the holidays that doesn't involve shopping and wrapping. OK, putting up decorations, too, though this year I'm behind on that. (One Snoopy Christmas dish and a bunch of neat looking, but lonely, icicles.) Luckily, no one wants my cooking, which is great for me, since I don't cook. I pick up my grandmom for our family gatherings, and bring myself and her. Everyone’s happy. No cleaning house, no baking and cooking and the frantic-ness that those who have to host go through.

Usually, I write, just like I normally do. This year, I'm lucky I can find time to sleep. And trust me I'm not getting enough of that, either. Six hours of sleep before heroically handling the hoards. I’m doomed.


Kristin-Marie said...

I usually read some good books....

Susan Macatee said...

Since I'm not hosting Christmas Day dinner, (we're going to my mother-in-laws), all I have left to do is bake some cookies and banana bread, and make some fudge to put in my gift baskets, plus some for my husband and sons to munch on. I've gotten all my gifts and plan to put them in gift bags, which eliminates the wrapping.

The only other thing I have to do is pick up a pumpkin pie to take to my mother-in-laws.

This year I tried to schedule everything, so that everything I had to do holiday-wise got done on time and I still kept a fairly regular schedule for my writing projects.

After Christmas, I plan to spend at least part of the week leading to New Year's on something writing related.