Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Canada's transcontinental railway completed 1885

Craigellachie, in the mountains of British Columbia, was witness to the last spike driven into Canada's first transcontinental railway. It took 5 years for the Canadian Pacific Railway to get the 4,600 kilometers of single track all connected. Several smaller lines were also conencted to the larger CPR, uniting the country as never before.

Believe it or not, it was completed 6 years ahead of schedule.


And for those in America, I hope everyone voted!

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Alice V said...

Hi Christine,

So, are you writing a book with the building of the CPR as a reference point? In my first book, "The Man for Her" is mentioned the difference the railroad made in the lives of the pioneers. Previous to the completion of the CPR it took months to travel from the East Coast to the West. Once the railroad was completed it took only six days -- barring accidents. Imagine the difference!
Did you know that the wife of the Prime Minister at the time, Sir John A MacDonald, rode the cow catcher through the mountains so that she could enjoy the view?
I think Canadians are still enthralled with the romance of the train.
Happy Blogging,

Alice Valdal