Saturday, September 23, 2006

Period Quotes

Thought I'd pass along these interesting period quotes I came across in a special edition of The Citizens' Companion, a periodical written for Civil War civilian reenactors. These are from the August, 2006 special edition:
"In private, watch your thoughts; in your family, watch your temper; in society, watch your tongue."
Original Source: Civil War Etiquette; Martine's Handbook & Vulgarisms in Conversation
"The ladies' dressing room is a sacred precinct, into which no gentleman should ever presume to look; to enter it would be an outrage not to be overlooked or forgiven."
Original Source: Martine's Handbook & Vulgarisms in Conversation; R.L. Shep - Mendocino
An Etiquette lesson from Civil War Etiquette Martine's Handbook & Vulgarisms in Conversation :
"Ladies may walk unattended in the streets, being careful to pass on as becomes their station-neither with a hurried pace, nor yet affecting to move slowly. Shop-windows, in New York especially, afford great attractions; but it is by no means desirable to be seen standing before them, and most assuredly not alone. Be careful never to look back, nor to observe too narrowly the dresses of such ladies as may pass you. Should any one venture to address you, take no heed, seem not to hear, but hasten your steps. Be careful to reach home in good time. Let nothing ever induce you to be out after dusk, or when the lamps are lighted. Nothing but unavoidable necessity can sanction such acts of impropriety."
Ladies, we've come a long way.
Source: The Citizens' Companion; The Voice of Civilian Reenacting; Special Edition - August, 2006
pp. 29, 35 & 61

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Jenn said...

I know that dressing a store window is something of an art form. Can you imagine the skill and expertise it must have taken when your target market was not ALLOWED to stop and look at them?

We've come a long way is right!