Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ghosts haunting Cary House Hotel

I live in Placerville, CA, and find it to be a mecca for history lovers. The art gallery where I work in situated across the street from the Cary House Hotel which was built in 1857. Two ghosts, Stan and George, still call the hotel their home. Poor Stan. He was the person who checked guests into the hotel. One night, after consuming a fair amount of alcohol, he flirted with a pretty blonde lady. Her man friend was not happy at all, pulled out his pistol and shot Stan. He bled to death on the carpeted floor. Then there was George, the gambling man. The night after he lost at poker to a man he felt cheated him, George thought he saw the man return. He pulled out his gun and shot the scoundral. As soon as the man fell to the floor, he realized he'd shot the wrong man. One of Placerville's previous names was Old Hangtown. The judge sentenced him to be hung shortly thereafter.

Stan still roams the four levels of the hotel. Guests can hear the empty elevator moving up and down at night. Stan also checks every door knob, turning it back and forth, each night to make sure the ladies are secure. One night he actually locked a woman out on the balcony. She had to wait until somebody walked along the street below her to get help with unlocking the door.

Marlene Urso

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Susan Macatee said...

Loved this. I just love a good ghost story. The stories I heard while visiting Gettysburg still give me goosebumps.